Pitbull’s Bite Strength

Pitbull has been subject to many mystifications, especially in relation to his bite. In fact, it is said that these dogs, when they bite, are incapable of letting go, since their jaws dislocate and remain anchored to the prey, being impossible for them to let go. Well, it is not like that!

However, the bite strength of a pitbull is powerful than any other dog breeds(about 1000 kg / cm2 ) because the facial muscles that operate in chewing are much more developed in this type of dogs. A Pitbull that has not uninhibited his bite, could seriously injure a person or another dog while playing.

But despite the bad press that this race receives, not all pit bulls are aggressive or dangerous. On the contrary, most of this pets do not cause a major problem or put anyone at risk. It means that all Pitbull dogs are sociable and very friendly. Pitbulls are also a great companion when you want to go camping and hiking with friends. That will depend entirely on the type of education they have received.

The aggressiveness and danger depend on each dog in particular and is not an exclusive characteristic of a breed. So, there are pit bull dogs that can show aggressiveness and pit bull dogs that are sociable. This depends on the genetics of the dogs, their socialization, the training of the pit bull, the care they receive from their owners and the way they are handled and controlled.

It is also said that the pitbull’s temperament is unpredictable and that at any moment it can attack both known and unknown people without giving any signal. This is FALSE.

Healthy pitbull dogs show all the signs of stress that other dogs have. Also, their temperament is very stable and it is very strange that they attack for no reason. In fact, temperament tests done by the American Temperament Test Society suggest that the pitbull has a more stable temperament than most canine breeds.