Everything You Need to Know About Dating Filipinas


If one thing surprises everyone visiting Asia for the first time is how much status you have: hunter you have become the hunted!

As soon as you arrive, female eyes are on you. They smile at you, you smile at them and the ice is broken. You now have all their attention and their net will soon be stretched over your head.

Does it mean that you are especially attractive or that you breathe wealth? Unfortunately for your ego, this is not often the case. In addition, this favored treatment is mainly aimed at men whose age no longer allows them to play the Don Juan of the Tropics. Many guys say that they have a lot of success on the dating sites which you can check out here.

What happened during those 18 hours of flight? Is this a phenomenon due to the pressurization of the cabins?

Based on this discovery does it mean that no real love relationship seems possible between a stranger and a Pinoy? Should we think that the cement of the couple will be based only on a contract for the shortest possible duration for maximum profitability?

Many Filipina couples will prove you the opposite. But unlike the western romantic model where we start with love and where it ends too often with a cohabitation for the respect of customs, the relationship with a Pinoy often begins with a contract of convenience which, at the cost of a understanding and acceptance of differences, will be transformed to bring out a true love story between two beings so different at the beginning. As you have understood, the challenge will be to make you love for what you are and not for what you represent. If you’re wondering where to meet some Pinays then Bloggers like Jeff Wilson from Date Smarter Guide say that the best place to meet a good Filipina online is over here www.datesmarterguide.com/filipino-cupid-review.

Before rushing on this path and not to be disappointed and know how to unravel the skein of the relationship, it is therefore prudent to know the topology of the ground on which we engage. Or more simply trying to understand what could be the phycology of Filipino women.

Being neither a psychologist nor an ethnologist, having not met a “representative panel” of the female population of the Philippines, I do not have the ambition to trace THE PORTRAIT of Filipina women but simply to give you my enriched observations by a large number of experiences lived by the expat community in this sweet country.

What Makes Filipina Women Special?

pinayFilipino women are, in many ways, unique among women. It brings in any relationship a set of behavioral traits from the deepest of Asian culture and attitudes that, for us as a foreigner, are totally unknown. Let’s try through this article to highlight some of these behaviors and cultural factors attached in the hope that the reader will gain a better understanding of Filipina.

Due to the impressive amount of areas to be treated, it seemed appropriate to group my observations into several arbitrarily chosen chapters.

The family

What’s so special about the day you get married to a Pinay?

The answer to this question is that on your wedding day you end up with 3,000 new relatives.

In addition, you will have the certainty of your new status of son-in-law when the first visit of your beautiful mother will last 5 years.

As you have understood, these jokes are based on satire and exaggeration but nevertheless, we can find a background of truth. In fact, 99.9% of Filipinas come with luggage and, in their case, the luggage takes the form of “family”.

The Filipino family is never small, at least it has 3 children. My wife comes from a sibling of 10 children and this is nothing exceptional. But more than the family unit, it is the concept of extended family, cousins, uncles, aunts … that makes you inherit a beautiful sprawling family.

Whether you’re married for better or for worse, or just married to a Filipina, whatever you do, you inherit from your family, especially if you’re a stranger. This may be beneficial but in most cases, it is a financial and emotional burden for both you and your wife, although she does not see it as such.

Know that since you are now part of the family, your domain becomes their domain. You can expect siblings to try to migrate to your home when it’s not also the mother, father, aunts, and uncles that will invade your space.

Because they grow up mainly in conditions of high promiscuity, Filipinos generally have no idea what “private life” means. For them, it is totally natural to coexist at any time of day or night. The doors, when they exist remain permanently open, your bed, your couch become a meeting place for the family and the neighbors, your refrigerator becomes the door of access to the cool drinks and foods which they hope abundant, the remote control of your television goes from hand to hand in the sandstone moods of each visitor.

This can be a problem when you share your life with a Filipina. Even your room is no longer a private domain and you will have to accommodate your moments of intimacy according to the periods of deep sleep of the various occupants of the house. Luckily, Filipinos generally sleep heavy and frequent.

Your partner may not understand you if, suddenly, you get angry to get rid of this band of intruders. In fact, do not be surprised if she thinks that something is wrong in your head when you are looking for some privacy and loneliness. This is a concept totally foreign to the majority of Filipinas who prefer the sounds of the family cocoon to the silence of a peaceful retreat.

Filipinos generally grow up with a strong sense of sharing, especially in the sense of ‘you to them’. For them it will be natural for you to share your home with them. To stop this you must oppose this coexistence with force and even before they land. Otherwise, their final move will be inevitable.

As soon as it’s a family affair, you’ll be expected to pay for just about everything, the little sisters’ studies, daily food, medical bills and a new karaoke. Daily expenses always seem to fall on the stranger and, as a result, you will wonder how the family managed to live without you. In their minds, it goes without saying that the Filipino family never or never has enough money. Starting from this logic, you are expected to have money simply because you are a stranger.

In my opinion, the major problem with Filipinos is in this cultural attitude: As soon as, in the extended family, one of the members starts to earn money it becomes his responsibility to share with others. And most often this burden falls on the eldest daughter. She can do the job she wants, even if it is against good morals, as long as she sends money to her family.

If, as in the majority of cases, she already has a child whose father was quick to flee the announcement of “the happy event”, the family will be too happy to keep this child so that their daughter can send them regular money. And if we ask why it’s not boys who are looking for work and so can help the family, you go for a madman because the answer is obvious to them: “They do not work because there is no work well paid in the Philippines for men. Too often we see a young man quit his job simply because his sister has found a job or is now living with a stranger. Why get tired of looking for work if you have the opportunity to receive money from a family member and why go live in a nipa hut without comfort while your sister lives in a large comfortable home. They are 2 and they have 3 rooms, so there are 2 rooms available for siblings. My advice, by the way, is to have a small house built just for your personal needs. But I know,

Many Filipinos who do not have money, consider it your obligation to give them. They assume that since you are a stranger you are the must and you have money so it is your job to share it with them. Many foreigners report the quality of the welcome given to them by the family of their bride. They went with some fears, Am I not too old for her, her father is even younger than me? How will they judge me with my 100 kg of fat and a lot of hair on the pebble while she is beauty personified?

Why at the end of this visit are they rave about the warm welcome they received? And you, how would you react if, one day, your daughter present you the man likely to solve all your problems? Of course, he would be welcome and his physique would be quickly forgotten in front of a portfolio that we hope well inflated.

Even if you manage to keep the family away from home, the family will put pressure on your partner to support her family and so, in turn, she will transfer that pressure to you. Family pressure will vary according to each situation but it will be constant. If you need staff, you will have to choose a family member first and it does not matter if he or she has absolutely no skill for that. They will always have a small business idea allowing them to earn some money but that will require you an initial down payment.

Filipinas and Money

Moreover, on this point a tip: never ask the balance sheet of the operation, it would be felt as an interference in a field that is not yours as if your banker is asking how you spent the money you borrowed. Except that in this case it’s not a loan or even an investment, it’s just a donation. And anyway you would be disappointed if they ever gave you the answer.

When I explained to my partner that in my country many parents support their children financially, she looked at me without understanding, trying to make fun of her because she was not ready to understand a situation like this. He is rooted in the vast majority of Filipinas that they have to support their families.

The Appearance of Pinays

By resuming this kind of easy jokes “You know that you are married to a Filipina when you are the only family within a radius of 20 km with 6 DVD players and 5 TVs”, I would like to address the problem of the appearance and to “argue”.

The concept of “appearance” is one of the bases of education in Filipino culture. It is also a fundamental thing in the Philippines. This concept is present everywhere, in all levels of Filipino society.

For a Filipina, when she lives in her family, in the middle of her close neighbors, the personal appearance is of little importance. Her wardrobe will consist of t-shirts and shorts often bought in second-hand shops, the famous boutiques that sell clothing from international donations. However, when it comes time to meet friends or visit the more distant family, the story changes dramatically.

To conclude

If, during a discussion between friends, your partner shares his opinion and even if it seems totally unrelated, even unfounded, do not offend by pointing out to all his mistake. His intervention positions him in the group and allows him to “appear” as a person who has the same knowledge as the other interlocutors especially if they are foreigners.

By trying to correct it in front of everyone, you will trigger a reaction that is not proportionate to the desired objective. She will defend her point of view by explaining that in the Philippines it is different, that you do not know yourself, at the risk of sinking even lower in the inconsistency too, in these eyes, not lose face.

Back home, she will reproach you for having shown that she had no education or that she is stupid. I can guarantee you that you will have a very bad evening.

Pitbull’s Bite Strength

Pitbull has been subject to many mystifications, especially in relation to his bite. In fact, it is said that these dogs, when they bite, are incapable of letting go, since their jaws dislocate and remain anchored to the prey, being impossible for them to let go. Well, it is not like that!

However, the bite strength of a pitbull is powerful than any other dog breeds(about 1000 kg / cm2 ) because the facial muscles that operate in chewing are much more developed in this type of dogs. A Pitbull that has not uninhibited his bite, could seriously injure a person or another dog while playing.

But despite the bad press that this race receives, not all pit bulls are aggressive or dangerous. On the contrary, most of this pets do not cause a major problem or put anyone at risk. It means that all Pitbull dogs are sociable and very friendly. Pitbulls are also a great companion when you want to go camping and hiking with friends. That will depend entirely on the type of education they have received.

The aggressiveness and danger depend on each dog in particular and is not an exclusive characteristic of a breed. So, there are pit bull dogs that can show aggressiveness and pit bull dogs that are sociable. This depends on the genetics of the dogs, their socialization, the training of the pit bull, the care they receive from their owners and the way they are handled and controlled.

It is also said that the pitbull’s temperament is unpredictable and that at any moment it can attack both known and unknown people without giving any signal. This is FALSE.

Healthy pitbull dogs show all the signs of stress that other dogs have. Also, their temperament is very stable and it is very strange that they attack for no reason. In fact, temperament tests done by the American Temperament Test Society suggest that the pitbull has a more stable temperament than most canine breeds.

What Are Some Must Have Camping Accessories?

campingAwakening at the dawn, lazing around the lake, smells of grilled meats on the BBQ, evenings around the campfire … all the joys that lead to a break from routine. That said, it is useless to experience these experiences the hard way: when one is away from home, the daily pleasures are even more appreciated.

Examples? Enjoying a good espresso while camping, sitting on a comfortable chair to read or even taking a hot shower in the forest are all particularly delightful luxuries in the wilderness.

So here are some accessories to enjoy the well-being during your next getaway.

If you want to see what outdoor accessories are going to benefit you the most when you take a camping trip, then keep reading.

Stove with cutting board

You can not go unnoticed when arriving at an outdoor event with this kitchen accessory. At first glance, it looks like a shoulder bag, but it is actually a stove for camping with two burners. Its case unfolds to create a stable base and its oak lid serves as a cutting board.

With a 230 g LPG fuel cartridge, it operates at maximum capacity for more than 30 minutes.


What is one thing that you simply can’t leave without? A flashlight of course. I’d recommend getting a tactical one see here – www.tacticalgearguides.com/best-tactical-flashlight/. If you can’t afford a tactical one then just any old one will do.

Other miscellaneous camping accessories 

-Table, folding chairs.
-Gas stove (spare bottle), electric stove, barbecue.
-Matchbox, lighter, lighter.
-Kettle, coffee machine.
-Dishes (glasses, cups, plates) in plastic, cutlery (Swiss knife).
-Kitchen utensils: can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, skewer skewers, kitchen gloves …
-Pan and stove with removable handle.
-Strainer and cutting board.
-Storage bin.
-Cooler and ice bread.
-Gourde, thermos, and kettle.
-Aluminum, cellophane film and Tupperware.
-Salt, pepper, oil, vinegar.
-Garbage bags and plastic bags.

Kitchen Faucet Selection Tips

Looking for a new tap for your bathroom or kitchen? Whether for a bathtub, shower, sink or sink, there is a multitude of different styles and styles in the trade.

A few tips to get you there.

Faucet: The standard faucet consists of a pouring spout and two controls, one for hot water and the other for cold water. With this product, you manually mix hot and cold water to find the desired temperature.

The simple tap: unlike the mixer, the single mixer has only one manual control that is activated horizontally to change the water temperature.

The thermostatic faucet: this model allows you to choose the temperature of the water and to keep it, Depending on predefined levels and even sometimes to the degree with the most sophisticated devices. Some thermostatic faucet valves are equipped with a safety device which sets a maximum temperature not to be exceeded in order to avoid burns.

The waterfall mixer: the waterfall mixer, which can be thermostatic or not, has its flattened spout that diffuses the water cascade. It is mainly used for large basins or bathtubs and is more suitable for the high-end range of fittings. Has the peculiarity of its flattened beak which diffuses the water in cascade.

It is mainly used for large basins or bathtubs and is more suitable for the high-end range of fittings. Has the peculiarity of its flattened beak which diffuses the water in cascade.

Selection criteria

Fastening: the fitting can be installed either through a one-piece fastener (1 hole in the sanitary fitting for the supply hoses) or in a battery (2 holes for each hose, or 3 if the Spout is independent).

The dimensions: the height of the spout is taken into account for reasons of practicality because it must be integrated with the other elements of the water room ( cabinet, mirror,  shower column, etc.).

Durability: when installing a new faucet at home, it is generally for the long term. The valve must be able to withstand them. Time wear and daily use are all factors.